Lessard Design

Through strategic design decisions and a focus on user experience, we successfully revitalized Lessard Design's brand identity, providing them with a modern, cohesive, and representative online and offline presence.

Web Redesign

The website redesign for Lessard Design aimed to modernize their online presence, reflecting the firm's core values of innovation, authenticity, passion, and trust. We restructured the information architecture for intuitive navigation, designed an interactive project gallery, and integrated a dynamic news and insights section. The minimalist design strategy, neutral color palette, and modern typography emphasized Lessard's forward-thinking approach and attention to detail.

Business Cards

In line with the website redesign, we also revitalized Lessard Design's business cards. The goal was to create a design that is aesthetically pleasing and reflects the brand's ethos and prestige.

The business cards employed a clean and minimalist design approach, echoing the website's theme. The card's front side prominently displayed the Lessard Design logo, complemented by the firm's tagline, while the reverse side contained personal contact information.

“Krizia is fabulous to work with! Creative, professional, and highly attentive to the details. She takes the time to listen, understand the clients needs and objectives while appropriately advising direction to stay current and ahead of the trends. I am so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from her, and look forward to our next chapter.”

Allison PaulFormer Principal at Lessard Design